1 – 7 Step: How To Develop And Publish Your Own E-Book

In this simple short article, I will show you step-by-step how to produce your own e-book.

Step 1:
Open your HTML editor (Dreamweaver, FrontPage or etc); if you do not have one, go to search engine and type, “free online editor WYSIWYG”.

Step 2:
Type your message or idea into your HTML editor or copy and paste it from your text editor. Style your page and make it basic. After you, complete your work, conserve your file into specific folder. When designing your page, think about producing your file in single page or multiple pages that link to each other like website.

If you new to website style, better you create it in single page.

Step 3:
Assemble your file into ebook using ebook compiler. On the other hand, go to search engine and type, “totally free ebook compiler.”

Step 4:
Open your ebook compiler and search your file (html file you produce in step 2) and follow the guideline in your ebook compiler till surface.

Step 5:
Go to winzip.com, download WinZip, and install it. Open WinZip application and develop a brand-new Zip file. Add your ebook file and zip it.

Action 6:
FTP or Submit your zip file (example – ebook.zip) into your web server. You can also register for totally free webhosting. Go to online search engine and type, “complimentary site hosting.”

Action 7:
Release your ebook on the internet. Submit it to the ebook directory site or freebie directory (if your ebook is free). Go to online search engine and type, “totally free ebook directory site” or send it to download.com.

Send first your e-book to upload.com since their site got high traffic each week. Allow your website visitors to download your e-book free.

Now you have successfully developed your own e-book, release it on the net however your e-book only can be view by Windows user. So, how your e-book can be view both Windows and Mac users. It is really simple just type your message or concept in word processor and wait in text format.

Good Luck.

Compile your file into ebook utilizing ebook compiler. This is directory of ebook compiler and there are totally free ebook compilers too. On the other hand, go to search engine and type, “free ebook compiler.”

Send it to the ebook directory or freebie directory site (if your ebook is complimentary). Go to search engine and type, “totally free ebook directory” or send it to download.com.

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