1 – Caring for a liked one with Alzheimer disease.

As a relative of a love one with Alzheimer’s disease, it was tough for us to understand the entire health problem but as time went on and we discovered more about the condition, it wasn’t hard to understand.

It started back when I was still in school, we could not comprehend why granny would constantly forget where she was going. She would get lost and we would always fret about grandmother’s location. My grandfather carefully offered the automobile away, given that then she wasn’t able to drive anymore.

Grandmother didn’t want to lose her chauffeur license. For that was her independent. It was sad however we needed to do it to keep her safe and we as household felt better understanding that grandmother would not be out in the streets lost.

Then as time went by, we observed more things about granny that wasn’t right. I would go to her house as I always did and noticed that she was putting paper in the oven and switching on the range. One day I went to grandma’s house and it was cigarette smoking.

I thought for minutes that she had actually burnt something while she was cooking however I got to looking and I found the newspaper in the stove.

I asked grandmother what she was tying to do and she couldn’t remember. I was terrified at that point so I relocated next door to my grandparents. Living next doors, I could be there to see her without her understanding what I was doing. The move was a huge assistance.

I would go over there to go to. It got harder daily for us to see the health problem was taking my grandmother.

Grandma didn’t like baths. We would have to offer her a bath and she would simply hate that. That was a tough day for us. Nobody wished to provide grandmother a bath since she would act out so bad. But as we found out about all this, we found out that people with Alzheimer’s does not like any form of water.

So we would then just wash her up which was much better for us. We then had peace when it was bath day.

We would let granny go buying the home and she would go to the bathroom when we would leave. She would constantly end up going in her pants.

We would have to go back home and change her. She could not determine what was wrong with her. It was tough for her as well because at that point she understood something was wrong but didn’t know what.

It specified that grandma would just lie around and sleep. It was too hard for us as relative to look after granny any more so we as family required to have a talk and we believed it was best to put grandma in a nursing home where she could get all the assistance and care she required around the clock.

It was the hardest thing we could have done as member of the family. Yet we knew we could not do it any longer. Grandma remained in the assisted living home for about 12 years. We as household would see granny slowly going into her own little world.

We were constantly there for granny. It lastly took grandmothers life about 2 years back.

We as family miss grandma but she in a better place now, we still remember her, and all the good and bad times we had. It is hard to take care of an enjoyed one with this illness.

It is tough to deal with it due to the fact that we enjoyed granny go from a strong healthy grandma to a sick granny.

It began back when I was still in school, we could not understand why grandmother would always forget where she was going. As time went by, we discovered more things about grandma that wasn’t. One day I went to grandmother’s house and it was cigarette smoking.

No one wanted to give grandmother a bath because she would act out so bad. We as family would see granny slowly going into her own little world.




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