1 – Cholesterol Medication

Treatments include cholesterol medications that one can acquire over-the-counter, prescribe cholesterol medications and alternative techniques. Cholesterol medications differ in every person.

Cholesterol apheresis is a brand-new kind of cholesterol medication. Known as LDL apheresis, this brand-new cholesterol medication is really much like the procedure of kidney dialysis.

The blood plasma is then separated from the remainder of the blood with the help of a device. The blood is then returned to the client while the plasma is being filtered. The LDL (low density lipoprotein), VLDL (really low density lipoprotein) and Lp( a) (lipoprotein A) is separated from the rest of the plasma.

The plasma is then returned to the patient upon conclusion. This cholesterol medication treatment lasts for 3 hours. The only adverse effects of this cholesterol medication is the low high blood pressure of the patient.

Natural medicine is likewise another way of dealing with high blood cholesterol. Scientists say that some particular amino acids lower the cholesterol level.

When diet and exercise stops working, prescription medication is the backup of cholesterol medication. Seek advice from or ask your medical professional so that you will understand what kind of cholesterol medication is right for you. There are various types of prescription medication. These are:

* Absorption Inhibitors– a newly discovered type of drugs that just includes ezetimibe. Stops the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.
* Bile Acid Sequestrants– likewise called “bile acid resins”, avoids cholesterol from being taken in into flow by binding to bile in the small intestine.

* Fibric Acid Derivatives– also known as fibrates. It decreases the production of triglycerides and increases the HDL cholesterol (excellent cholesterol) and decreases the LDL cholesterol levels (bad cholesterol).
* Nicotinic Acid– more called “niacin” or “vitamin B-3”. It decreases the triglycerides and low density lipoprotein. Boosts the level of HDL. The negative effects differs from person to person. These consist of flushing, night sweats, palpitations, heart fibrillations, reduced glucose tolerance, migraines and skin hyperpigmentation.

* Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids– frequently used for dealing with high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels.

* Statin Drugs– the most commonly utilized in dealing with high cholesterol that cant be controlled by diet treatment and routine workout.

Treatments consist of cholesterol medications that one can get over-the-counter, prescribe cholesterol medications and alternative techniques. Cholesterol apheresis is a new kind of cholesterol medication. Understood as LDL apheresis, this new cholesterol medication is extremely much like the treatment of kidney dialysis. The only side impact of this cholesterol medication is the low blood pressure of the patient.

When diet and exercise fails, prescription medication is the backup of cholesterol medication.


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