1 – How Alzheimer Makes we forget.

At one point and time, we all sit and wonder if forgetting is because of the truth that we are growing older. Getting old is kind of scary for me what about you. But as we go on in life and we keep forgetting, it becomes tough.

Then we find ourselves forgetting where we put the keys, the bag, etc, so we say what is going on, or what is happening to me?

We talk to individuals about what’s going on with us and then we discover ourselves going to a physician. They take test and discover nothing initially so we do not stress over it as much. As time goes on we are seeing how we forget to go to the bathroom and have feces on ourselves.

It gets worse, since then the huge thing is we are trying to make a good supper that we made 100 times in our life, and all of the unexpected you can’t remember how to do it, so we are confused. We do not think too much about this due to the fact that we are still thinking it’s simply because our age is walking up on us.

So then we wish to go see the leaves, we go every year it’s so quite out so we start to take a stroll. Prior to we know it we are so lost and do not understand where we are, or why we are there.

We are thinking now, what to do so we set up the cellular phone to phone and don’t remember the number. Now we are extremely frightened. The sensation of being all alone creeps in, and you feel lost and can’t make a telephone call.

So you choose to drive down the road and you find a filling station, so you stop and request help, but you can’t remember your address. You dig in the handbag and find your chauffeur license and then they assist you call home..

Some one comes and gets you, takes you home. Your totally angry at this time due to the fact that you do not understand what to do, your so afraid and all alone, you believe however your not.

Then one day the family all gets together and everyone decides that maybe you ought to go get had a look at by a doctor. So you go to the physician and again they do not discover anything for sure, however they believe you have Alzheimer’s illness.

You are so mad inside that you do not understand what you feel, so then due to the fact that you can’t go anywhere you ended up being depressed and after that you don’t desire even to go to church. You discovered that you are beginning to yell and rebel towards the family and friends.

So now, you’re off in our own world, how scary that need to be for anyone. But as time continues things are getting worse for you, which makes it hard for a care service provider, because they need to see your suffer and move moods..

Now you require somebody to monitor you all the time due to the fact that you are not able to be left alone. I don’t understand, but I do not wish to live like this. I know that individuals with this disease can’t help it, yet this is a frightening sensation for me.


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Just writing about Alzheimer’s disease I don’t desire to think about it occurring to me, or anyone in my life although I have actually worked with AD clients and I lost a grandma that had the condition.

I understand a lot about this God abandoning disease, yet I don’t like the sensation at all.

I just hope that one day maybe we will get a treatment for this illness that is gradually eliminating all the memory one has of the past, and gradually eliminating the soul.

At one point and time, we all sit and question if forgetting is due to the reality that we are getting older. As we go on in life and we keep forgetting, it becomes hard.

We talk to people about what’s going on with us and then we find ourselves going to a doctor. As time goes on we are observing how we forget to go to the bathroom and have feces on ourselves.

We are believing now, what to do so we put up the cell phone to make a call and don’t keep in mind the number.




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