1 – Reasons For Bad Breath

There are lots of myths and rumors about the reasons for halitosis. From underlying medical conditions to teeth cavities to rotting food particles left in the mouth. Although all these can be thought about as causes of foul breath, the genuine cause could be traced back to one single perpetrator– bacteria, or more specifically, the anaerobic sulfur producing germs that typically live in our mouths.

These bacteria make their homes in the surface area of the tongue and in the throat where they are responsible for helping us in digestion. They help by breaking down proteins found in certain specific foods, mucous or phlegm, blood, and in diseased or “broken down” oral tissue.

When particular conditions identified as the causes of bad breath exist, these germs break down proteins at a much higher rate than typical. This likewise suggests that they launch greater levels of waste products than regular.

The proteins in foods contain two significant amino acid elements– cysteine and methionine. Both of these amino acids are dense with sulfur, a very odorous substance. When germs metabolizes proteins, these sulfur elements of amino acids are released as Hydrogen Sulfide, Methyl Mercaptan, and other odorous bad tasting substances. Together, these compounds which are the reasons for foul breath are referred to as volatile sulfur compounds.

Now, something you need to know about these bacterial causes of halitosis is that they are anaerobic, which actually indicates “without oxygen.” To put it simply, they flourish in places where the environment contains NO oxygen.

You might ask why bacteria that allegedly live without oxygen could endure in the mouth where oxygen can flow easily through. Well, for the easy reason that these germs are clever little animals. Smart in the sense that they don’t precisely expose themselves to the oxygen-rich parts of the mouth and rather select to hide in places where oxygen could not get to them.

And where are these locations? The back of your tongue, under layers of plaque, beneath food debris, and other such convenient hiding places.

So if you are questioning why you still have foul breath even though you frequently scrape your tongue and use mouthwash, then question no more. These bacterial reasons for halitosis don’t live on the surface of your tongue. Instead, they reside in between the papillae located in the back of your tongue where oxygen could not get to them.

In addition, mouthwash does not generally eliminate these bacterial causes of halitosis. And make no mistake that having these bacteria in your mouth is a typical incident. Everyone has some kind of bacterial plants in the mouth, given that, as currently discussed, these microorganisms in fact assist in food digestion.

They only become an issue when these germs go on overdrive and release more unpredictable sulfur substances, causing bad breath to be expelled.

All these can be considered as causes of bad breath, the real cause might be traced back to one single perpetrator– bacteria, or more exactly, the anaerobic sulfur producing bacteria that normally live in our mouths.

Together, these compounds which are the causes of bad breath are understood as unstable sulfur compounds.


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These bacterial causes of bad breath do not live on the surface of your tongue. In addition, mouthwash does not typically get rid of these bacterial causes of bad breath.




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