1 – Short Article Writing: Can It Assist My E-book Sales?

Concern: I wrote an e-book and I have a sales page selling it. Can I use short article writing to promote my e-book?

Signed, Where are the Sales?

Dear Where are the Sales,
Definitely. In fact, I highly advise it.

It’s a best fit.

Think of it. You have actually already got the content, and you clearly do not mind composing considering that you’ve composed a whole e-book. You’re a perfect prospect for using article sharing to get traffic to your site– and sell more e-books at the same time.

If article sharing is brand-new to you, you’ll catch on rapidly. It’s a simple procedure, and it’s so efficient. Here’s all there is to it.

1. You compose a short article about your topic of expertise. Or you use an area from your e-book and turn it into an article.

Preferably this would be the sales page for your e-book. (See the bottom of this article for an example.).

3. Submit your article to post directory sites. These post directories consist of countless free articles that publishers can easily use on their websites, blog sites and in their newsletters.

Repeat. Repeat.

Each time your short article is released, your author bio will be included, giving you direct exposure for your website.

Now, if you have an affiliate program, there’s much more potential. If you’re clever, you’ll likewise send the articles to your affiliates and enable them to use the posts– and encourage them to replace your URL with their affiliate link for your program.

A clever affiliate will get those articles in a heartbeat and start publishing them all over the web.

I hope you’ll see the potential of post sharing, and accept it.

If not, you’re actually missing out on an easy method to grow your organisation and produce big amounts of traffic to your website.

I eagerly anticipate seeing your articles in the post directory sites.

You’re a perfect prospect for utilizing post sharing to get traffic to your website– and sell more e-books in the process.

You write a short article about your subject of know-how. Or you use a section from your e-book and turn it into a post.

Send your short article to post directory sites. These short article directory sites consist of thousands of free short articles that publishers can freely use on their sites, blog sites and in their newsletters.

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