10 – Coffee Or Tea Time Is Everything About

Nothing says “me time” better than a cup of coffee or tea? Both coffee & tea come with caffeine as optional.

If you discover that caffeine disturbs your sleep or raises your high blood pressure, you can opt for the caffeine complimentary variation. If, caffeine is not a problem then go all out! Since both coffee & tea contain caffeine naturally, they need to go through a process to remove it. The decaffeination procedure whether for beans or leaves, takes some of the taste out of it, so plan to buy a better grade of coffee when you desire the caffeine out.

There is some humor when people link caffeine items with relaxation and convenience, while at the same time, consider alcohol as a party drink. When in reality, alcohol is a depressant. You can always enliven your coffee & tea with some flavoring.

There are a substantial range of flavorings for your coffee & tea. A fragrant pot of coffee is the norm at breakfast time.

Coffee & tea are often broken up by gender along with time of day. Coffee is the man’s drink, served with a paper while a flowered porcelain pot of tea is the picture of milady’s genteel tastes. In reality, men all over the world choose strong mugs of tea and there’s no scarcity of females who gather for a girls afternoon with coffee.

Hot or cold, guy or woman, seasoned or plain, caffeinated or not, coffee & tea are potentially the very best part of the day.

Absolutely nothing says “me time” much better than a cup of coffee or tea? Both coffee & tea come with caffeine as optional.

Given that both coffee & tea include caffeine naturally, they must go through a procedure to remove it. Coffee & tea are often split up by gender as well as time of day.

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