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[…] As with anything in the health industry, there’s a lot of information out there about muscle-building.

There are a number of people that claim to be experts that say one thing, then another expert will say the opposite.


This has led to myths arising that simply aren’t true. Today, we’re going to bust some of those myths for you.

Here are 10 muscle-building myths exposed:


1. More Protein = More Muscle

This is by far the biggest myth when it comes to building muscle. People believe that because protein is necessary for building muscle, the more protein you eat, the more muscle you will build.

However, the truth is that packing your diet with as much protein as possible will not pack your body with more muscle than you thought possible.


The truth is that protein is a necessary and important part of building muscle, and you won’t build muscle efficiently if you’re not getting enough protein. But the key here is “enough.” While body builders and those trying to build muscle will need more protein than the average person, they don’t need ridiculous amounts, just more.


2. Carbs Don’t Help Build Muscle
As the focus with muscle-building is on protein, many people believe that carbohydrates are unnecessary when it comes to building muscle.

The idea is that because muscle is made up of protein, there’s no need for anything but protein when it comes to increasing muscle mass. This leads many muscle builders to skip out on carbs altogether.

Carbs are used by your body for energy, which means if you don’t have them in your system when you go to build muscle, then you’re going to have a difficult time performing the exercises you need to build muscle.

Of course you want to use them in moderation, but a healthy helping of complex carbs before a workout will help you reach your muscle-building goals. […]

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