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[…] Emotional intelligence is a critical key to success in any business, relationship, and life in general. When it comes to finding success in everything that you do, many people mistakenly believe that your IQ places a significant role in your success.


We’ve all spent a ton of time in school and throughout our lives, diligently cramming, writing exams, and studying in order to become more intelligent human beings. However, over the last several years, researchers have determined that emotional intelligence has more of an impact on success than IQ.

According to researchers, there are 19 different ways that a person’s emotional intelligence will contribute to the bottom line in any organization. Emotional intelligence guides our ability to deal with others effectively.


Not only does high emotional intelligence help you to understand your own emotions, but the feelings of other people as well.

Emotional intelligence skills are incredibly essential in industries like marketing, where the emotional reaction to an ad could mean the difference between the customer making a purchase or walking away.


However, emotional intelligence affects all aspects of your professional and personal life, from your ability to sell to your ability to form healthy relationships.

Emotional intelligence continues to be an increasingly popular skill to have, especially when it comes to finding professional success. Many people might wonder why emotional intelligence continues to increase an evolving workplace. Simply put, emotional intelligence isn’t a trend.

Many companies have determined that employees with a high level of emotional intelligence have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line.

In fact, companies that have employees with high levels of emotional intelligence have seen significant increases in both the total sales and productivity of their company as a whole.


If you are looking for a way to boost your emotional intelligence to allow you to find success in both your personal and professional life, here are five easy ways to increase your EQ and five reasons why you should work to develop your emotional intelligence.


1. Learn to Stay Cool

Italian researchers recently discovered that changes in body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate are good indicators of stress. Stress can dramatically affect how you deal with problematic situations and can lower your emotional intelligence.

If you feel yourself getting stressed, take a walk outside and get some fresh air before you lose your cool. While stress is a normal part of life, negative stress will significantly weaken your emotions and distract you from rational thinking.

Stress is especially problematic at work. Bad and broken communication lines with colleagues lead to poor relationships. This makes it imperative to identify when stress levels start to get too high, and to learn how to manage stressful situations before it can damage


If you want to boost your emotional intelligence, then you need to learn how to avoid succumbing easily to stressors in your personal and professional life. […]

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