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[…] Everyone, at one point in their life or another, have set goals they want to achieve. Unfortunately, more times than not, we seem to work endlessly toward our goals, but never quite accomplish them.

Eventually, we may even begin to realize the great hurdle we’re facing and give up on achieving our goals. This can lead to you feeling defeated, worthless, and like a monumental failure.

Everyone who has ever achieved success in their lives has done it through persistence. Persistence is at the very core achievement. Those who have managed to find success know that even if they fail, they have to get back up and carry on.

They never give up. Unfortunately, for the majority of us, staying persistent can be extremely challenging. In the face of challenges, it can be hard to remain persistent.


Being able to imagine success vividly is a way to remain persistent on your path to success. And, since persistence has been shown to be at the heart of every successful person, it goes without saying, that your ability to clearly envision your dreams has a lot to do with your chances of success.


The Importance of Persistence

If you want to reach your goals, you have to harbor an unwavering resolution to see it through. Persistence is central to every goal that you have in life. Without this single core tendency, it can be straightforward to give up when the going gets tough.


Unfortunately, we live in a society where instant gratification rule. We’ve become used to having everything on-demand, and we’ve forgotten how necessary it is to have the patience to reach our goals.


Patience is a skill that we have to develop over time, but there is a lot that works against us when we are learning to have patience.


The worst part about this happens when we experience failure. When we experience failure, we equate it to massive amounts of pain, and rather than suffer through that pain; we tend to take the easy way out and just quit.

We all tend to have an intense fear when it comes with the potential for failure, that far outweighs our need to stay persistent in our quest to achieve success.

How do we overcome failure?

Through persistence. As long as we can remain persistent, we can push through  challenges and overcome failure.[…]

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