7 Kettlebell Exercises To Strengthen Core Muscles Free Ebook Download

[…] Kettlebell exercises are perfect for improving core strength and enhancing the strength and flexibility of all related muscles extending outward to the extremities.


The reason for this is the fact that the shape and movement of the kettlebell at the end of your arm/s keeps you off balance and more muscles are required to stabilize your body.

Since the kettlebell is not stationary in your hands, it adds to the dynamics of each movement, forcing your muscles to compensate for the changing center of gravity.

Unlike most other weight training activities which isolate muscle groups, kettlebell workouts require the cooperative coordination of all the core muscles as well as those in the shoulders and back.

You can control the intensity of the workout for losing weight or maintaining a good level of fitness all while conditioning and toning your core.


Some the things covered in the book include:
 What are kettlebells?
 History of The Kettlebell
 How they work
 Choosing Your Kettlebells
 Benefits of kettlebells
 Kettlebell Training for Men
 The Kettlebell’s Basic Techniques…and many more.


Kettlebells Explained What Are Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are cannonballs or mini bowling balls with thick handles. As they are heavy in weight, they offer the benefits of dumbbell training while thick handles challenges grip resulting in enhanced muscle activity and working the body to the core.


How They Work

As weight of kettlebell hangs little below its handle, even regular movements require extra efforts. This extra muscle activity results in burning of calories, and thus reducing body fat especially in lower back area.

Also, it involves use of multiple joints when kettlebell exercises are done targeting various body parts. Also, handles allow you to swing the kettlebells which pumps up the heart beats, resulting in cardio workouts.

Research shows that a kettlebell workout burns at least 40 to 50 percent more calories than a standard strength-training workout. […]

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