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A Flicker Of Hope

Now this is a guide about Hope, but we need to definitely get some things out of the way first. To become better
men and women, to overcome life’s challenges and to achieve our dreams isn’t easy.

The only real proven way to do all these things, and more, is to deal with reality the way it IS not the way we would prefer it to be. This doesn’t mean we accept it or let it change us for the worse – it simply means we acknowledge what we are up
Don’t let reading these things bring you down. Every great adventure you’ve ever read about or seen in a
movie has involved the hero overcoming against great odds hasn’t it?
That’s what getting the life you really want is – a great adventure and one can succeed through courage, hard
work, willpower and most of all HOPE. On to the harsh reality of the world.

You Must Give Yourself the Reason “Why”. 

We all have inspirations and most people who really succeed to amazing degrees have had at least one mentor along the way.

This doesn’t change the fact that no one, absolutely no one, but yourself will give you your reason “why” to pull yourself away from the pack.

The harsh reality of the world is that we must internally drive ourselves ultimately. External sources can help, but we are responsible to ourselves first and foremost.

There are Systems in Place to Keep People “Average”. 

The true nature of the world is abundance. There’s more than enough for everyone and more to go around and
this is a mind set that needs to be adopted.

This doesn’t change the fact that closed minded and selfish people have set up systems that preach the gospel of limitation
near and far.

The harsh reality of the world is if you overexpose yourself to too much of the wrong types of television,
read too much of the wrong types of newspapers or websites or pay too much attention to the words of the
wrong people you will end up believing in these limitations. These things kill hope and hope is the fuel
that will carry us forward.

Breaking Free Isn’t Easy.

If it were easy to step outside of the box and achieve all of our dreams you would see many more happy people
around you wouldn’t you?

It has been done, it can be done and it will be done, but in the vast majority of cases
breaking free and living happily in abundance takes time, takes building up forward momentum and maybe most of
all takes the ability to maintain hope in even the worst of situations.

No, breaking free isn’t easy – but once you do it is worth every ounce of energy you spent to achieve your goals.
Once again life is an adventure and a challenge, accept it and face it head on and the harsh realities come what
may won’t ever surprise you!

Sounds tough? It can be, but with enough hope and a few other tools anything is possible. This Guide will help
provide you with those tools. I have all the faith in the world you will turn hope into opportunity and opportunity
into success. Let’s go forward and turn the flicker of hope into the flame of accomplishment together!


If you read lots of success stories, and we’ll get into a few later in our guide something becomes blindingly clear.
Sometimes the most powerful inspiration can be absolute DESPERATION! When we’ve lost nearly everything, when
things practically become a matter of life and death a mental switch ignites in many of us and miraculous things

What I’m saying is if you feel like you’ve hit, or you’re close to hitting rock bottom, keep your chin up because
this may be the springboard you need to smash your way to success.

No job, zero in the bank account and relationship turmoil all around? Stop thinking of this as failure. This could be
the catalyst you need to change for the better.

There absolutely is every reason to have great hope in this situation!
Here’s how you can use rock bottom to your advantage, With these strategies in mind you will never look at rock
bottom the same again!

The Power of Nothing to Lose.

When you have near nothing, the amount of energy this frees up is immense. This allows you to do things if you
were more stable you’d find impossible. There’s countless stories of business success that were launched by guys
sleeping on beaches at night, studying in the library during the day and launching their first affiliate site with
money they panhandled on the street.

Don’t underestimate the power of nothing to lose, it could be
your first springboard to success.

Play the Frame Game.

Rock bottom only handcuffs you when you allow it to.
When you think of rock bottom as a reason to despair your psychic censor is sure to kick in and works against you. However if you force yourself to think of rock bottom as a great opportunity it can be a huge motivator.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which basically is an advanced set of strategies to make the most out of your mind, this is called “re-framing” a situation. Try it, it changes lives.

Set Big Goals.

One of the things that’s both mysterious and inspiring about hitting rock bottom is the effect it has on setting
and accomplishing goals. With little comfort zone available big goals become as easy to aim for as small
ones, since you’re number of distractions have become so limited. Set big goals from rock bottom, keep hope in
your heart and you may shock yourself by achieving them and more. Have faith, set big goals and take action! You
may end up thanking rock bottom one day.

If you feel like you’re at rock bottom take a few deep breaths, splash some water on your face and center yourself.

I’ve been there and bounced back and so have many, many others. You can and will too. There is hope as long as you have the will to think differently, take action and move forward.

Don’t fall into the temptation of feeling sorry for yourself because that is sure to keep you stuck. Even rock bottom
offers its own special kind of hope and if you’re there don’t worry – apply yourself and you won’t be for long!

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