Back Pain Support

Even with studies that using a back pain support is effective, there have still been several myths created. With the thought that it has been widely circulated, it has not threatened people from purchasing the product because all throughout the years, it has established its purpose.

* It weakens the behind portion of the body.
This came about during the 1960’s and 1970’s through two articles, respectively. It was written there that wearing a back pain support caused the abdominal muscles to be in a more relaxed state. Another also rendered that it creates dependency causing deterioration. However, they were not able to have strong grounds to their claims. In the end, it was just considered as a theoretical speculation.

* Weaning it off as soon as possible
This gained popularity because of the misperception that a back pain support is clumsy, of a rigid type that prevents further motions. There is one designed for athletes that outlines the intention without even restricting motions. It was found that it boosts one’s confidence and permits a much earlier return to activities.

* Results to poor body mechanics.
A good quality back pain support encourages proper raising technique. This is because forward bending in bad posture makes it all more complex. Lifting in a correct stance will in turn, strengthen the legs, muscles and abdominals.

* It has not been worn by sportsmen.
There was a survey of professional athletic trainers that came out in the American Journal of Medicine and Sports that revealed many players have been relying in a back pain support. Brands such as S’port All and S’port Max are manufacturers that have received positive feedbacks from its customers.

Below is a list of back pain support that you can add to your cart as you log on to

* For lumbar

Max Magnetic by S’port has been worn by golf legend Payne Stewart. It allows you to perform vigorous activities while entirely holding the sacroiliac joints. It is made out of 92% cotton that gives soft comfort. It has short legs for coolness and lesser bulk. Price: $64. 99
* For sacroiliac

This belt from Saunders work really fine even as the patient does not make any movement. The surface has solved problems of other products that does not complement with the person’s activity. It is easy to tight since it is semi- elastic. It also conforms to the natural contours of the pelvis. Price: $19. 99
* For posture

Another merchandise from S’port where it anchors at the waist. It does not just discourage stooped shoulders, it even helps in aligning it correctly. It can be conveniently worn directly on the skin or over a shirt. It gives that dynamic and comfortable feel where it does not cramp. Price: $34. 99

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