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[…] Countless discoveries and inventions have been made throughout
our history. Some of the developments have been minor, some of
them have been major, some have been short-lived, and other
events have been more critical and longer-lasting.

There have been certain developments throughout our history that have been
so vitally important to humanity that they are considered the sole
factor behind all of humankind, collectively making progress and
taking a critical and everlasting step forward.

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    For example, consider how the creation of farming equipment and
    fertilizers allowed for the exponential growth of food outputs from
    fixed pieces of land.

    Without these inventions and discoveries, the
    world would not have been able to support the explosive
    population growth that we have witnessed across the globe. It

    was only a few hundred years ago that scientists and economists
    indicated the end of population growth, due to the fact that food
    production just grew at numerical rates, doubling or tripling every
    certain number of years, while populations grew at exponential
    rates, expanding to the power of two or more during that same

    At the time, this meant that sooner or later there wouldn’t be
    enough food to feed everyone unless more food could be
    obtained from fixed pieces of land every year.

    Fortunately, this is precisely what happened. Science was able to deliver heavy farm
    equipment, fertilizers such as ammonia, and other improvements
    so that that food harvests could keep up with the population
    growth rates.

    This allowed for more people to be sustained in the
    same area of land as before. Without these developments, the
    world would be a very different place today.

    Similarly, the creation of antibiotics, penicillin, the introduction of
    air travel, ocean freight, and the steam engine, and more recently,
    the sharing of information in the Information Age that was made
    possible by the invention of microchips and transistors, have all
    changed the world irreversibly.

    As a result of these innovations and discoveries, we are more connected, better off, healthier, and
    have more accessible and cheaper access to goods and services
    than ever before.

    When it comes to the information age, things have progressed at
    breakneck speed, ever since the first dot-com wave in the early to
    mid-90s. Everything from the user interface tools and
    technologies that have defined how we interact and interface with

    Everything from payment solutions to banking
    solutions has dramatically changed over the last 20 years.

    The same can be said for social networks and primary email,
    along with the advancements that have been made in fields of
    artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analysis, both of which have
    an impact on everything from helping with governance to online

    Collectively, we’ve gone from necessary solutions for all
    of the above to have sophisticated software services that combine
    various aspects of technology to deliver effective, robust, valueadded, and seamless services to billions of people around the

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