Care giving for Alzheimer Patients.

Coping with Alzheimer’s disease is difficult for the patient, as well as the care provider. If you are taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s disease, it is nice to know help is available. It isn’t easy to be a caregiver for Alzheimer’s patients. A caregiver needs to be a special person and be able to work with all kinds of changes on a daily basis.

Health issues are always rising at all hours of the day in older adults with this disease. A caregiver needs to be able to monitor and beware of these changes as they occur. When monitoring these changes a journal needs to be kept so that whoever is caring will be aware of the changes so they can continue whatever care has already been done. Taking notes will help you to recall specific areas that helped you the best deal with your patient.

A daily routine needs to be in order so the patient doesn’t get confused. For instance, if you cook three meals a day, try to maintain a scheduled time each day.

Not only does the patient have changes in memory, such as loss. The patient will also have mood shifts, or behavior alterations. Their health changes rapidly at times as well.

Keep track of their eating habits; how and what they eat, weight change, activities, sleep patterns and bowel movements are very important to their well-being. A list of medication changes, weather or not they refused to take them, and how they reacted after taking the medication is ideal. When a journal is kept and complete it help the next caregiver to know how and what to look for if there is something different going on that might need to be attended to by a physician. Speaking of caregivers, it is idea to keep the same caregiver, since the change may threaten the patient.

Knowing the daily routine the Alzheimer’s patient will be more comfortable and sometimes they don’t get so confused with what is happening to them. It is frustrating to know that your memories are perishing along with your brain and body.

Alzheimer’s disease causes the skin to change, which a rash or abrasions need to be watched out for, since it can lead to complications. Lying in one position could cause an abrasion; medication changes could cause a rash.

Be sure that the patient gets a lot of liquids so they don’t dehydrate, Keeping track on the bathroom habits as well is very important to make sure they are going. A bathroom routine habit may need to be set up; sometimes the Alzheimer’s patient will see him or herself in the mirror and think there is someone in there. It will trigger the emotion and cause a reaction.

Alzheimer’s patients have sleep disorders as well sometimes. A regular bedtime is very important. Try to put the patient in bed at the same hour each night. Do the activities or exercise in the morning instead of at night to get their adrenaline slowed down before bedtime.

When putting them to bed make sure, they are comfortable; put pillows around them, under their knees or wherever one is needed to help relieve joint pain. Try to keep the temperature in the household the same and at a comfortable setting. Sometimes the patient can’t tell you if they are hot or cold. Keep in mind that Alzheimer’s disease causes drops and increases in body temperature, since areas of the brain are damaged.

Most of all, the caregiver needs to take care of them in order to care for the person who has Alzheimer’s disease.


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