Summary: A discussion its facts and myths.

Did you come across something while reading which is totally in contrast to what you thought it to be? Did you wonder which ones are facts and which ones are just “popular” beliefs?

Here’s to our enlightenment!

Myth 1: Older people are the only ones with Cholesterol problems.

Definitely not…Cholesterol checks are greatly advised to people over 20 years old who are more likely prone to have these problems. These tests should be done at least once in every five years to prevent health risks and avoid dangerous complications in the future.

Myth 2: My Cholesterol level should be fine because I don’t feel sick and I exercise a lot.

There are NO symptoms if your Cholesterol level is too high. Aside from exercise, other factors influence these levels. Some of which are diet, weight, age and gender, heredity, and some other causes like medications.

Myth 3: High vitamin C and E intake, known as anti-oxidants, can reduce my cholesterol.

Not true…Like what was said previously, several factors affect the levels of Cholesterol. Medication, as with vitamin intake, is only one of your many options. The most effective thing you can start working on would be to change your eating habits and indulge in more physical activities.

Myth 4: Two glasses of red wine a day makes the heart disease go away.

In contrast to some studies made about moderate amount of alcohol increasing one’s HDL, known facts also suggest that alcohol is high in calories which may boost the triglycerides, impairing the liver, thus increasing the body’s blood pressure.

Myth 5: Health-friendly products are those with “no cholesterol” labels.


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Not exactly…While some of these products claim not to contain Cholesterol, they may still be high in saturated fats which are the main culprits in increasing the body’s LDL.

Myth 6: Trying to lower down your Cholesterol level is unsafe.

The body, particularly the liver, normally produces just about enough Cholesterol necessary to perform its functions. Changing one’s lifestyle, particularly his diet, and engaging in some physical activities are highly advisable and are proven ways to lower down one’s Cholesterol level.

Myth 7: Overweight people are the only ones who should be concerned about high Cholesterol levels.

Certainly not…They may be prone targets but this doesn’t mean non-overweight individuals are spared the worry. As what was being discussed early on, there are no symptoms for heart disease brought about by high levels of Cholesterol. Good diet and some exercise are good steps to avoiding having these health risks.




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