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]…] We might have a different definition of leadership than you, but the exercises and techniques that you will learn here will help you become a better leader in your life.

One of the key qualities of leaders is that they are self-starters.

That said, you can already check that one of your lists because today, you have chosen to read this book and lead yourself to a
self-development adventure!

In this book, we will teach you how to develop your leadership skills, no matter what role you play in your career.

The skills you will learn here is a life skill that you can use at work but also in your daily interaction with your family, in your volunteer work or any relationships.

In the next chapters, you will learn about leadership, how it can improve your life, and what techniques or abilities you need to
develop to become better at it.



We tend to underestimate our daily actions as an act of leadership. We celebrate significant events, big victories, but not necessarily our small gestures that can change the face of the world.

Any daily action has the possibility to change the world of a person who crosses our path. Once you recognize that ability that you have, life becomes a series of opportunities to lead.

Leaders know their goals and do small things every day to reach their goal.

But it’s not always about them, and they help others to move forward in their projects, to remove their doubts so that they can take action.
In a study comparing average leaders to outstanding leaders, 90% of the variance was due to the Emotional Quotient (EQ). The
most crucial factor that will predict if you step up and take the lead in life is your EQ.

If you compare people in a specific field, it is not their IQ or their personality that will make them successful; it is their EQ.

This study also demonstrated that developing leadership skills without considering the cognitive strength of the student-led to minimal improvement in their abilities to lead others.

For that reason, we have a whole chapter on self-awareness and personal growth that will help you improve your emotional intelligence.

To be a leader is to be the catalyst of a positive event for others, and thus contribute to their development, help them in a necessary decision-making process.

It can seem terrifying when you realize that you have so much impact on others, without knowing it, without being aware of it.

It is essential to recognize that we are influential agents, and we have an effect on the lives of others that goes beyond money and power. […]

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