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Clickbank And Social Media – Hybrid Marketing!- 56 Free Ebook Download

The purpose of this section is to help you decide if, in fact,
Clickbank is going to be a good match for your business needs.
Make sure you read this section very carefully.

In the world of affiliates there are affiliates, vendors and brokers –
all of which have their pro’s and con’s to consider when it comes to
whether the offerings they have are a good match for you and your
web sites. All affiliates have a contract or agreement of terms
which you should review and understand prior to entering any
agreement, and most of these contracts detail exactly what each
party is expected to do, how payment is made, and what
responsibilities each party has to each other and the public.
One of the biggest areas to be aware of and understand is who is
liable for chargeback’s, fraud and other concerns that can arise
when selling goods to the public. This is normally a very big hassle
to most online companies and can drastically cut into the bottom
line not to mention drive you crazy with constant interruptions to
your workflow and daily tasks to deal with the errant cases. In
cases like ClickBank’s representation all of management of the
online product sales including refunds, collection of funds and
handling disputes is taken out of your hands.

ClickBank really is two businesses in one. On the one hand they
purchase and then resell through affiliate marketing eBooks,
software and any other ‘non-physical’ downloadable goods you can
imagine. On the other hand they are an affiliate broker or service
in that they allow marketing of the eBooks and goods they handle
(or technically resale) from their list of products by anyone who
wants to sign up, paying a commission on any and all sales made
as detailed further down in the summary of their payment

ClickBank is a different type of affiliate network in that they are not
just a broker and they are not really a normal vendor – ClickBank
fulfills the best of both worlds by supplying a list of available
vendors and electronic media goods broken down into various
categories as well as handling the engines, link creation and
tracking necessary to allow you to market and sell those goods on
your pages. In effect you can think of ClickBank as a broker who
also handles much of the legalities, payment handling and tracking
while providing you assistance and guidelines on how best to
legally market and sell the service products that they have

They also allow you to list and sale your own software,
eBooks and other goods if approved and if they meet their strict
guidelines and policies, without a huge contractual obligation or a
minimum qty of sales as many other online vendors require.
ClickBank is quite simply the future of ecommerce for the
everyman …

As with any business transaction there has to be an agreement, or
contract which stipulates what each party is responsible for and will
be held to.

Depending on whether you are just joining as an
affiliate seller or have product(s) to list with ClickBank for sale the
terms and contracts vary, but the client contract which details
exactly what they provide, what you are responsible for and what
arbitration methods are allowed follows:
A quick summary of the details of this contract as of February 2007
state that the client is:
 Bound by the laws of Boise, Idaho and its jurisdiction should
any conflicts, claims or suits arise
 Assuming full responsibility to use ClickBank affiliated
 An independent party and cannot represent or claim to
represent ClickBank directly and specifically that you are
o Not authorized to make any warranty or obligations on
behalf of ClickBank
o Solely responsible for reporting and paying any income
taxes and withholdings
 Responsible for obtaining any licenses or permits required to
operate a business on your site
 In agreement that by promoting products listed by
ClickBank that you
o Do not imply or suggest warranties or policies that
conflict with ClickBank’s eight-week return policy
o Will not allow unauthorized or unlicensed use of
materials or images and will not take part in such
o Will not interfere with tracking of commissions or
normal flow of traffic from affiliates
o Will apply by and include any required U.S. Federal
and state regulations and policies regarding
advertising and consumer protection as discussed in
their online form at:
o Products you submit for sell are subject to the
“ClickBank product and publisher review program” and
that your products may be rejected or the amount
kept in reserve etc. changed as deemed necessary by
ClickBank at their sole discretion
o Will provide up-to-date email addresses and will
respond within 24 hours to communication from
ClickBank at any time […]

Main Chapters :

1. Using Clickbank
2. Preparations
3. CB How To
4. Reputation Management
5. Pros & Cons
6. The World Of Social Media
7. The Active Internet
8. How To Be Social

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