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Have you ever tried tobogganing?

Well if you haven’t you definitely should.
Tobogganing can be a great way of turning a dull winter in to a fun time.
The thrill that you can great from flying down a hill on a toboggan can be
unmatchable at times.

Anyone can enjoy tobogganing, even beginners.

You even see young children who do toboggan runs, and they are quite good at
it to.

There are some truly amazing places around the world that offer some of
the best toboggan runs around. You can find runs for all skill levels from
beginner to intermediate.

It is important that you always remember to wear the proper safety
equipment and that you always dress warm.

You do not want to get sick or injured as this will surely take away the ability for you to toboggan.

The last thing you want is to just get in to the sport and discover how fun it is just
for you to suddenly have to stop doing it for a while

If you like to do exciting things and love to do things that get your
adrenaline flowing, tobogganing will be perfect for you.

In order for you to have the best experience possible while tobogganing it is important that you
know the basics of tobogganing and understand a few basic principles.


Table of Contents
Chapter 1:
What is Tobogganing?
Chapter 2:
Get Your Own Toboggan or Rent One
Chapter 3:
Essential Toboggan Handling
Chapter 4:
Safety Tips for Riding a Toboggan

Chapter 1: What is Tobogganing?

With all of this talk about how great tobogganing is, some people may be
wondering what tobogganing actually is. Well to answer this question
tobogganing is the act of sledding down a hill or slope.

Toboggans are a bit different that regular sleds or skis however. They are different because
there are no skis or runs on the bottom. The bottom of a toboggan rests on
the ground. In some cases, places will have designated run areas where only
toboggans can go.

These runs can be compared to bobsleigh courses. They are a bit more packed down and closer to ice than snow.

Toboggans actually have more than one use. People have used toboggans
for many different things for a very long time. They can be used for work
purposes as well as recreational activities and they can also be used for
means of transportation.

There are different types of toboggans and you will have to make a choice on what type you would like, depending on what
you are planning to do with the toboggan.

The following chapter will go over the basics of what a toboggan is and what
the many uses of a toboggan are.

The following chapters in this book will go over some of the basic guidelines
there are when it comes to tobogganing for the beginner. Always remember,
you may not master the skill of tobogganing right away but if you keep
practicing you will be great at it in no time, especially if you use the tips that
will be provided in this book.

Tobogganing Basics

An interesting fact about tobogganing is that toboggans were actually used
as a means of transportation a very long time ago by the Innu and Cree
tribes in Northern Canada. Early toboggans were designed to carry one or
more people and were traditionally pulled by dogs.

Modern toboggans are a bit different. They still sit directly on the snow just
like the early ones did but the design is completely different besides that.

One or more people can still sit on the toboggan at once, but now they are
used primarily for entertainment purposes instead of a means of
transportation. There are still places in the world where the toboggan is
used for transportation but it is quite rare.

The tradition toboggans design consists of parallel wood slats that are
bound together. All of these slats are bent forward at the front and come in
to the shape of a sideways.

A toboggan will also have a thin rope that is ran
through the loop is this serves the purpose of allowing you to steer.

When riding with more than one person the person who is furthest to the front
will steer. They do this by sitting in the flat bed and placing their feet in the
loop. Everyone else sitting on the toboggan will grasp each others waists in
a line formation.

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