Daily Tips – Arthritis Pain Relief.

Arthritis is a condition of the human body characterized by pain and inflammation of the joints. It is one of the most pervasive diseases in the world today. In the United States, an estimated 70 million people suffer arthritis pain. That means one out of three people are affected by one of more than a hundred different types of arthritis. The disease is one of the leading causes of disability among people over the age of 50.

If you, or your loved one, is battling joint pain, stiffness, and/or inflammation, then chances are that arthritis pain is the cause of all this. Arthritis pain relief is the major focus of arthritis treatment. Since some types of arthritis, like osteoarthritis, are irreversible, the only thing that science can do is to reduce the pain as much as possible.

New and better ways for arthritis pain relief and pain management are constantly being sought. You can try any one of the techniques and methods available for arthritis pain relief, and even combine a few, if that works. But note that the success or failure of each type of arthritis pain relief method may vary from individual to individual. It is your responsibility to determine which one works.

Below are two methods for arthritis pain relief you may want to try:

Pain Medications

One of the easiest and quick-acting arthritis pain relief technique used, arthritis drugs have long been used to help patients with arthritis manage their pain. As such, this method is considered as the “traditional” way to relieve pain.

It should be noted, however, that patients’ responses to arthritis pain relief drugs can vary. Not only that, but there may also be potential side affects and adverse reactions to the medication. While combining arthritis pain relief seems a viable option, finding the right combination may prove to be more difficult than patient would normally expect. That is why knowledge about arthritis pain relief drugs is imperative.

Here are some of the common drugs used for arthritis pain relief:

* NSAIDs or COX-2 Inhibitors – These are Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs, including Salicylates (acetylated, such as aspirin, and non acetylated), traditional NSAIDs, and COX-2 Selective Inhibitors.
* DMARDs – These are Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatic Drugs that may take weeks or months to work. Research shows that this arthritis pain relief drug is effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis.
* Corticosteroids (or Steroids) – These are potent drugs for quick reduction of swelling and inflammation.


Because of the pain associated with arthritis, many patients voluntarily reduce their mobility in an effort to reduce suffering. However, this only leads to permanent disability, which ought to be counteracted as much as possible. The best type of arthritis pain relief method to do this is exercise. Not only does it help maintain function, but it also lessens pain considerably.

If you have arthritis and want to manage arthritis pain through exercise, be sure to discuss your exercise plans with your doctor before you proceed with it. There are certain types of exercises that may consider some exercises as off-limits.


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