Daily Tips – Keep Track of Your Ketone Level.

It’s especially important to remain aware of how your body is responding to the keto diet at the start of the diet. You can do so by doing a simple urine test. You can also purchase a blood ketone meter. It is recommened to perform the test early in the morning.
Friends and Family Can Be Annoying — Bless Their Hearts
Those nearest and dearest to you may not always understand what you are doing. When eating as a group, they may put subtle pressure on you to “just try a bite,” or “one slice of cake won’t kill you.” Or worse, “but I cooked it especially for you!”

It will take resolve to stick to your diet. It may help to fill up on keto-friendly snacks before you sit down and eat. Enjoy some nuts, an avocado, or just a leg of chicken before you eat, and you will be less tempted.

Celebratory occasions, especially if you’re the guest of honor, can be a huge hurdle. When the gang at the office or your parents enter a room with a cake yelling “Surprise!” on your birthday, it’s hard to refuse. So, try being a bit sneaky, instead.
By all means gush over the offering. You are expected to do that. You can even help cut slices. Then, discover a sudden and irresistible urge for coffee, which you verbalize loudly and clearly. Gently remove yourself from the center of activity to get coffee for yourself and anyone else. By the time anyone notices, hopefully they’ve missed the fact that you haven’t eaten anything.

Traveling while on the keto diet can be a challenge, so be prepared. Pack a personal blender with some avocados and bananas for a few quick and healthful smoothies. Pack some anchovies or tuna for protein.

Eating Out
Eating out isn’t as difficult as you may think. Even fast-food places have salads, these days. In any restaurant, stick to meat and vegetables and forego the potatoes and noodles.
You can even navigate the tricky maze in a Chinese restaurant. While abstaining from rice, you can enjoy the following: clear soups, steamed fish with vegetables, egg foo young, stir-fried dishes, Mu Shu without the wrappers are just a few suggestions. Ask your server if your meal can be prepared without cornstarch which is frequently used as a thickener.
Even if you end up in a fast food place that doesn’t have salad, simply toss the buns from your burger and just eat the meat. You can do the same at a friend’s house or at a BBQ.
The keto diet will build muscle mass and give you added energy. Don’t forget to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. It can be as simple as walking more, taking the stairs, or joining a gym.






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