Summary: Diet guidelines to bring down your cholesterol numbers.

TLC Diet? The acronym may sound cheesy, but it certainly doesn’t mean tender loving care. TLC diet to lower cholesterol is recommended by the National Cholesterol Education Program and the American Heart Association as a replacement of the former step 1 and step 2 diets. This TLC or Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes diet is highly advisable to patients who are at a high risk of heart disease making it their form of diet to lower cholesterol level.

TLC guidelines of the diet to lower cholesterol include the following: limiting intake of sodium to 2400 milligrams every day; dietary cholesterol must be less than 200 milligrams a day; calories obtained from saturated fat should not exceed 7% of the day’s total calories; 25-35% of the day’s total calories is allowable to be sourced from fat; and the total calories for the day should be based on what is just right for you. Your doctor can tell you how much calories you need to have everyday.

TLC diet to lower cholesterol is not as easy as it sounds. It would probably involve a major change in your eating pattern. Your doctor may recommend you to seek the help of a registered dietitian (RD) who can help you adapt to this diet to lower cholesterol level. The registered dietitian will be the most reliable source of information on what foods to choose and which menus to prepare. The RD can also monitor your development and can assess if the diet to lower cholesterol is effective.

If your TLC diet is know working well for you and your cholesterol level, your doctor may try to increase the soluble fiber in your diet to lower cholesterol level. However, if your level problem still persists, your doctor may put you on cholesterol lowering medication together with the same TLC diet.

Cholesterol and sodium intake for everybody on the TLC diet are the same notwithstanding their recommended calorie intake. However, the percentage of your calorie intake is the basis for the allowable amounts of saturated fat and total fat.

As with the old step 1 and step 2 diets, TLC diet to lower cholesterol won’t be as efficient as it aims to be if not coupled with some exercise. As its name suggests, this is not only meant to change your eating pattern but your lifestyle in general. So physical activities incorporated with the right diet will definitely give you the safe cholesterol numbers.




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