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Understanding that desktop virtualization is a concept in which the
desktop environment is created to simulate the elements of an actual
physical machine which will help the user see its benefits clearly.

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Table Of Contents
Chapter 1:
Importance Of Desktop Virtualization
Chapter 2:
Role Of Desktop Virtualization
Chapter 3:
Advantages Of Desktop Virtualization
Chapter 4:
How Desktop Virtualization Can Increase Flexibility
Chapter 5:
Better Business With Virtual Desktop
Chapter 6:
The Right Approach To Virtualize Your Desktop
Wrapping Up

[…] Chapter 1: Importance Of Desktop Virtualization
The simplicity of the desktop virtualization stems from the utilizing of
a central remote server and can be accessed to provide the means for
using the applications needed for data and programs via any
computing base devise.

What It Provides
The following are some of the important contributions the desktop
virtualization is capable of providing:

• Easy mobility – the virtual desktop is an asset to the workforce
and functions with the dynamics of needing to stay mobile always. It
is able to facilitate the workstation anywhere, either online or offline.
All the user would need would be a USB stick to operate and execute
the relevant functions effectively.

• Centralized management system – the template its technology
uses has the means to create countless virtual desktops all within one
single template, thus making it more manageable as a team.

• Flexible controls – working as a group yet being able to have the
facilities of controlling the individual workspace also allows the IT
systems to be monitored and streamlines according to the business
related tasks at real time scenarios.

• Cost effective solutions and disaster recovery capabilities – the
IT platform is one that is constantly evolving and dynamic in its
ability to keep abreast with the needs of the time. This is by means a
cheap course of action and the desktop virtualization allow the users
to simply run a script on the main server which in turn upgrades the
other systems accordingly thus saving time and cost.

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