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Setting goals and achieving them is something everyone can do to improve their lives.

While we all have goals that we want to achieve, doing so, however, can be difficult. Nearly everyone struggles to convert their goals into reality.

We procrastinate and lose motivation, and ultimately falter in the execution of our plans, leading us to become frustrated and defeated.

This failure to achieve our goals, eventually causes us to lose faith in our abilities to move forward, leaving us feeling powerless to break out of old habits and improve our lives.

Setting goals can be a powerful tool that keeps us focused and sharp.

They can be visual and mental reminders that we need to get things done. If we fail to create goals for ourselves, then we can also fail to succeed in whatever we choose to achieve.

Having a tangible set of goals that are written down and checked off when completed, can provide an amazing boost to one’s selfconfidence, which can, in turn, spur us on to achieve further goals.

This will then increase our chances of bettering our lives and attaining a life-changing goal that we thought beyond our reach.

Fortunately, achieving goals is a skill that can be taught and learned. From being more organized to changing your mindset, there are numerous ways you can put yourself in a better position to conquer your goals.

The following guide will provide you with 101 tips for finding your motivation, building self-discipline, managing your time, changing your mindset so you can finally achieve your goals.


Chapter One – Tips for Finding Your Motivation

If you find that you can’t bring yourself to go through the
necessary actions to reach your goals, then you more than likely
lack the motivation. Motivation isn’t something that is simply
found; you have to make it happen. If you find yourself in a rut,
here are some practical ways to drive yourself forward to
accomplish your goals and change your life.


Tip #1 – Make a Deal with Yourself

If you want to overcome procrastination and start getting things
done, you need to make a deal with yourself. This deal can be
either big or small. For example, you can tell yourself, “When I’m
done with these reports, I can take a walk in the park and enjoy
some ice cream.” Giving yourself something fun to do once you
complete your task can keep you motivated to get things done.


20Tip #2 – Leave Yourself Messages in the Morning

There may be mornings when you look in the mirror and don’t like
what you see. This can quickly kill any motivation you have and
quickly ruin your day. To avoid this issue, find a message that will
inspire you to be your best, even if you don’t look or feel it. Using
a dry erase marker, write the self-affirming message on your
bathroom mirror. This will help build your self-image and help you
start your day on a positive note.


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