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Booze Basher 
Transformational Tools For Battling Booze Binges And Staying Alcohol-Free

Chapter 1:
Introduction To Your New Life


What are a few of the advantages of stopping boozing? Is it worth it to quit boozing?

The Basics

Well naturally it all depends upon how much you’re boozing and what the results of that are. Likewise, you may have to decide who to trust when it comes to some of this stuff. For instance, some research states that there are advantages to having one or two drinks a day. But naturally, if you’re an alcoholic or fighting with alcohol abuse, then you don’t need to follow this advice.
If you’re hooked on alcohol then there are a few huge advantages to stopping boozing. For alcoholics, the advantages of stopping include:

ü Improved lifespan – you will commonly pass away many years early if you’re an alcoholic and carry on to drink right
up until you die. Likewise, a lot of recovering alcoholics will also quit smoking eventually, which is the biggest killer of
recovering alcoholics. If you go on to drink your chances of stopping smoking are slight to none. The fact that most
alcoholics are likewise heavy smokers is a double curse when it comes to death rates. Heavy boozing and heavy smoking
kills individuals quicker than you think.

ü Bettered quality of life – if you quit boozing then your life will typically get better in just about every way. Not simply your
health, but likewise your ability to work, acquire a greater job, advance in your vocation, better your relationships, and

so forth. If you go on to abuse booze all of that stuff may simply get steadily worsened over time. You might get lucky
every once in a while and make a little progress, however for the most part you’ll go steadily downwards.

ü Better your relationships – this is big. If you stop boozing then the advantage to all of your relationships in your life
will be enormous. Not simply will you communicate more honestly and openly with everybody, but you’ll be about a
1000 times more helpful and useful, and the individuals in your life will give that back to you. Everything will run much
better if and when you quit boozing.

ü Spiritual development – if you thought of yourself as “spiritual” in the past, then stopping boozing will open up
the door on this, and your life will likely be metamorphosed from a spiritual point of view. Even if you don’t work a
religious or spiritual plan of recovery, the general mechanics of recovery and of not boozing are spiritual in nature
anyhow. You can’t help but establish progress in this area when you’re sober, whether you notice that growth or not.

Chapter 2:
Basics To Breaking Old Habits


Changing habits in steps is an simple strategy for gradually altering habits instead of making a huge alter all at once, you aim to take one little step in the right direction. This sometimes works even if you have an addiction. You have to be the judge on what your needs are.


When you have gotten comfy with the first shift, take another little step. Move forward taking little steps one at a time till you one of these days reach your goal.
For instance, if you wish to quit consuming alcohol, first take note of how much alcohol you currently take in. Then set up an initial goal to cut down your daily use by 25 %.

So if you take in 4 cupfuls of alcohol a day, you’ll either drop it to 3 cupfuls a day or you’ll take in 4 cupfuls that are only three-quarters full. Maintain that new level for a week prior to taking the following step.

At that point, reduce your use to 50 % of your original level, and achieve that for another week.
Then drop it to simply 25 % of the original level, once again maintaining it for a week. And finally you are ready to do away with
alcohol altogether.

If a 25 % shift is too much for you to manage, begin with a 10 % shift.
You are able to utilize stair-stepping for a wide range of habits.

I know a lot of people who’ve used this strategy to stop smoking,
dropping their cigarette use by a little amount each week till they were down to one smoke per day (and occasionally down to one cigarette every 2 or 3 days) before finally quitting for good.

A different person utilized this method to become an early riser, setting his alarm merely 5 minutes earlier every day till he reached his goal. Remember that one person’s bad habits may produce grievous results for other people, and from time to time those results are severe, just like a drunk driver causing an accident.

Consequently, we must not only be responsible for ourselves, but in addition to that the world in which we reside.
Use habits to reinforce unity itself. Rather than living in a separate cocoon, make a habit of giving to other people.

Find something you’re able to accomplish on a regular basis to provide value to complete strangers, not simply your loved ones and acquaintances.

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