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Chapter 1 Right Into The Strategies

The Internet is enormous. This is perhaps the most important concept you need to understand as an Internet marketer.

No matter how original your idea, you are going to have competition online. The question becomes then: how are you going
to stand out from the crowd and attract business?

The good news is there are many things you don’t need for online success. These things include:

 A massive advertising budget
 Expensive graphic designers
 Making your company a household name
 An elaborate base of operations
 80-hour work weeks

What do you need, then?

You need to work smarter, not harder.

Running with the giants
There are top competitors in every industry. Microsoft dominates software, Google rules search engine technology, McDonalds is the emperor of fast food. However, the Internet is a level playing field, and your company can appear as big and established as you want it to. You only need a fraction of a percentage of the online pie to enjoy business success.

Search engine placement is still the best way to gain exposure for your Internet business. In the beginning of the Internet, the practice of keyword stuffing—placing irrelevant or excessive keywords on web pages to achieve a higher search engine rank—was prevalent. Today, though, search engine technology is far more sophisticated, and there is no “magic” formula to ascend the ranks.

How can you place high on search engines and compete with the top Internet businesses in your industry? All you really need to do is keep it real. Make your website informative, interesting, and ever-changing, and you will score high with search engines.

Today’s “secrets” for top search engine ranking include:

 Strive to provide visitors with real, useful, and interesting information that makes your website not only a great selling tool, but a great place to visit and spend some time.

 Plant hooks on your pages for the search engines that are related to the information on each page.

 Build buzz and word-of-mouth for your business using pay-per-click advertising and other relevant avenues for your target markets.

Getting started  – All you need is a computer and a dream

When you choose your Internet marketing business, there are several aspects you need to consider. The wrong business will lead to wasted efforts and a lack of profits—a discouraging prospect indeed.

The first consideration should be your own interests and passions. If you are not passionate about your products or services, your business will not succeed. It’s as simple as that. You must be convinced beyond doubt that your product or service is worthwhile, exciting, effective, and something other people will want or need.

Another reason you need enthusiasm in your corner is your own business stamina.
You’ve probably worked at jobs you couldn’t care less about, if only so you could get a paycheck. You may even be working at a job like that now. How long do you intend to stay there? Are you putting your best efforts forth at work every day? If you are not, you’re not passionate about what you do—and you won’t get very far.

Once you’ve identified a business you can generate plenty of passion and enthusiasm for, further consider these two important questions:

 Does your product or service fill a need or a demand? Is there a high demand for this product or service, at least in niche markets?

 Can you inexpensively attract high numbers of targeted traffic to your  website? Are there popular forums, ezines, or websites dedicated to this type of product or service, or used by your target market?

If you cannot answer these questions with a resounding “yes,” you need to go back to the beginning and choose another product or service you’re passionate about.
The best thing you can do to facilitate success as an Internet marketer is to exercise patience and put in the research at the beginning. Don’t invest your time in finding a supplier, setting up a website, choosing affiliates, and putting your marketing machine into motion until you have the three key ingredients in place: passion, demand, and marketing avenues.

The good news is that there are thousands of niche markets out there, and each one presents an opportunity to begin a profitable online business!


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