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Developing just a website on the web does not make much sense these days. With the increasing number of websites worldwide
individual websites all suffer from decreasing visitors if they get any at all.

Webmasters try different techniques to attract visitors to their websites and gradually these techniques have emerged into strategies that people use in order to generate traffic on a regular basis.

Although according to the philosophy that if more visitors arriving on your website this would result in more conversion from visitors to customers, but then generating traffic on the website is just not enough to convert the visitors into customers, rather it requires smart techniques to attract only relevant or potential visitors on your website.

Many marketing forums and blogs communicate various strategies to generate more traffic to your site, but it is impor-tant to figure out which strategies work for you and your web business.

There are various ways that can generate potential traffic to your websites, some of these may seem awkward in implementing but at the end of the day if these techniques are implemented perfectly, they can be highly productive.

Some of the major web traffic genera-tion strategies are discussed as under:


METHOD # 1- Public Recognition
Public recognition of the websites is a good way to generate traffic. In this kind of strategy you actually create awareness about your website which eventually reaches the potential visitors who visit your website.

Public Recognition is a broader term, as several strategies have emerged which include website banner exchange, social media pages, and viral marketing.

Moreover Public Recognition is also possible through Press Release. Press Releases can give massive spot-light to your website.


METHOD # 2- Classified Advertisement
Many marketing professionals have discouraged to use promo-tional techniques like posting free classified advertisement to your website. However, there are some tools of the trade that can work best for your business.

Offering free classified posting on your website can generate great amount of potential traffic if applied with good effec-tive techniques.


METHOD # 3- Blogs
Blog posting is a widely used mode of creating back-links to your site that also supports your website ranking on search engines. However it is important to be cautious because web masters do dislike spamming.


METHOD # 4- Posting on Craigslist
Although many web developers have misused Craigslist to generate traffic to their sites in the past, but if used smartly, it is a productive method of attracting visitors and can help you a lot in providing good quality traffic.


METHOD # 5 – Promotional Game
Are you the one who is selling your own product?

Then this lesson will work best for you. For promotional activity you can distribute your product to well known marketers or marketing forum to get publicity and good word of mouth popularity.

Eventually this will increase traffic to your site. But for this to happen you have to confirm the quality of your product and ensure that it’s of competitive standard.


METHOD # 6- Subscribers
This last lesson has gained great amounts of popularity among the web developers. The unique feature of this method is building
and maintaining long term profitable relationship with your visitors.

Of all the traffic generation methods, this precise system is well known for not only attracting new visitors but also sustaining them
for future and this correlation is mutually beneficial.[…]

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