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[…] Functional training is a way to exercise where everything you do in the workout mimics the moves of daily activities. The point is to achieve a fitter body by improving the ability to perform everyday activities.


Instead of targeting one specific muscle group, functional fitness engages multiple muscles, just as it happens when you try to reach for an overhead shelf or bend down to lift or put something on the floor.


What Can Functional Fitness Do For You?

Functional fitness can make your life so much easier. As the name states, functional fitness is fitness related to improving your functionality.

These workouts don’t aim to enlarge your muscles or make you look bigger but strive to make your body function better.


All the moves you practice help adjust your muscles and bones to natural movements you performduring the day.

Though they’ll definitely be more exaggerated than the real-time action, they help your body endure through the strain. With practice, the pressure applied to your muscles becomes less of a burden and your overall active performance improves.


Be wary of course, there is a right and wrong way to go about working out. If you don’t make your workout routine a daily or every other day habit, you’re not going to benefit from exercise at all.

Experts even recommend that functional exercises change with age and ability.


For instance, a teen doesn’t need to think about getting up from a chair safely but that can be a concern for an older person.

Likewise, someone with a disability may need a different functional focus than someone not challenged with disability.  […]

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