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Going Green Energy Learn About Energy Sources That Will Help Save The Planet

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Going Green Energy

Learn About Energy Sources That Will Help Save The Planet

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Chapter 6: Wind Power

Right next to the sun, the wind is one of the most accessible
renewable resources that we have in our hands.
The sun hits the earth’s surface at different intensities all throughout
the day.

Wind is produced when hot air rises up and encounters
different temperatures from different areas. As the wind is produced,
windmills catch this energy and use it to power their turbines and
then create electricity.

Wind energy has also been around for quite some time now. Unlike
solar power though, wind does not need sophisticated technology to
be able to produce energy. Windmills have been made since during
the olden times to help produce enough energy or power to pump
water or grind the harvested grains.

Using Wind

It also has become one of the fastest growing renewable
resources in the whole world. In 2005 alone, the technology has
seen so many improvements that in the United States and
Europe, the generating capacity of the wind-power increased by
27 percent and 18 percent respectively.

One of the major advantages in using wind energy is that it is
the cleanest source of electricity. The turbines only “harvest”
the wind and no other chemicals or equipment is needed, to
power their generators.

Windmills are also very cost-effective
since they are low maintenance and expenses for operating
them are minimal.

Windmills are clean resources for energy for they do not
produce any air or water pollution. No fuel is burned or used in
any other way to power the turbines so there is no toxic waste.

Unlike other power plants, who are still using up carbonaceous
fuels and who are producing a lot of waste that needs to be
disposed of properly.

Another advantage of the Windmills is that despite of being low
maintenance; they can still generate or increase 27% more jobs
than those who produce energy from other resources.

Not all things are immune to shortcomings though, including
the clean and renewable resource of wind. Wind energy
experiences intermittent production since wind is not constant.

They can only produce enough energy when the velocity of the
wind is at a certain level. When the wind is too strong, the
turbines need to be stopped and wrapped up to avoid incurring
any damage.

When the wind is too slow though, the turbines
won’t be able to move enough and produce energy. Due to this
shortcoming, there will always be a need for backup stations
that will do all the work during windless day.

Due to this fact also, wind energy cannot be used or relied upon
as a major contributor to the national power grid. It will be hard
to balance out the power distribution when your resource is
never fixed.

Other challenge that windmills face is their effects in the
common household. Most of the time, localities complain about
the turbine noise or the potential effects it will have on the
wildlife for it will be a common hazard to flying birds.

Wind energy may not be a consistent supplier of energy but it is
already a proven and tested clean source of energy.

With theproper settings and preparations, you may even install one at
home provided that you take into consideration the common
complaints or the concerns of your neighbors

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