How to Choose A Dog – Free Ebook Download

Making the choice to add a dog, as an addition to the family unit, is
not something to be taken lightly.

This is a very big and important decision and should be given due consideration.

Get all the info you need here.

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    Table Of Contents
    Chapter 1:
    Choosing A Dog Basics
    Chapter 2:
    Utilize Your Vets Knowledge
    Chapter 3:
    Think About Your Daily Routine
    Chapter 4:
    Think About Your Surroundings
    Chapter 5:
    Decide The Dogs Purpose
    Chapter 6:
    Research The Best Place To Get The Dog
    Chapter 7:
    Make Sure You Are Ready For A Pet
    Wrapping Up

    Chapter 1: Choosing A Dog Basics
    The following are some points that should be considered when
    making this very important choice:

    The Basics
    If the decision involves getting a puppy as opposed to be mature
    animal, the individual must make sure all the supporting elements
    are in place before the puppy is brought into the existing family

    Some of the things to consider would be if such an addition is
    needed in the first place, then there should be health
    considerations to be looked into such as allergies.

    Other considerations may include the availability of space and
    adequate facilities for the puppy and if there is enough room and
    finances to accommodate such needs.

    There are also licensing issues to consider as the authorities
    usually look into such violations quite strictly.

    Adding a mature animal to the existing unit is also something that
    cannot be taken lightly, as the temperament of the existing unit
    and the animal have to be compatible.

    Without this compatibility both sides are bound to encounter
    problems and the animal would most likely be the one that suffers
    the most.

    Then there is also the need to do an adequate amount of research if
    the decision is made to acquire a purebred animal. The
    complications here can be considerable and the cost to acquire
    such an animal will be high.

    The upkeep of such dogs is also very costly as they often require specifically designed care and food.
    Adopting a dog from an animal shelter for some is the most
    humane choice to make and this is of course welcomed by both the
    animal and the shelter.

    Most organizations encourage this and there are often periodical
    campaigns launched to get the public to consider adopting these

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