How to Create Viral Engaging and Entertaining Videos Using Just a Keyword ?

Let me show you something…  

Do you see these simple youtube videos getting thousands and millions of views without any SEO or paid ads…They’re getting CRAZY amount of traffic and clicks every single day…all for free!   Now what if I told you I’ve got the “secret sauce” to creating these insane-traffic-getting videos that I’m going to share with you today…  

Better yet, what if I told you that you would be creating traffic-getting videos just like these every day, promoting your services, building your buyers list and selling your products, on complete autopilot.   Would you be interested in that?  

Well, in the next few minutes, I’m going to show you our revolutionary new video creation software “ViralReel” that will help YOU create 3 types of traffic-getting videos that EVERYONE LOVES TO WATCH…without being creative, without using complex video animation tools, without hiring expensive freelancers….   …and going to get you more buyers to your products and services for FREE.  

ALL without the need for SEO or paid ads….and for the fraction of a cost of a dinner for 2.   ViralReel is an easy to use cloud based viral compilation style video creation software that uses its award winning ReelTech video rendering technology and our life-like text-to-speech technology, to help you create…  

Motivational Quotes Style Videos,  

Funny GIF Complication Style Videos  

and Trending Style Videos.  

Let me give you a tour of ViralReel and show you exactly how YOU can finally start creating buyers getting quotes videos, GIF compilation videos and trending videos just like top YouTube channels do…   …and be the first few smart marketers to efficiently use these viral videos to start generating more leads, more demand and more sales for your business in record time.  

ViralReel is an easy to use viral traffic and buyers getting videos creation app fully based on cloud, so nothing for you to install and it works on all kind of devices.   Using ViralReel you can quickly create Motivational Quotes Style Videos, Funny GIF Compilation Style Videos and Trending Video Compilation using just a keyword.   Simple choose the type of video you want to create, enter a keyword and ViralReel will create a video for you automatically.  

Every video you create can easily be customised to any extend to work for any niche of your choice…be it ecommerce, local businesses, affiliate offers or anything in between.  

With just one click you can change the quotes or GIF or images or video clip by uploading your own or searching online. Alternatively you can choose from our library of 20,000 copyright free images and 10,000 video clips.   You can edit the text, add your own buttons and call-to-actions as well. Add in your logo or watermark and you are good to go.  

In your next step you can upload your own background music or choose from our library of over 650 background music carefully selected to increase your viewers attentiveness and engagement.   You can also add life-like voice overs to your videos in 24 different languages and multiple different male/female accents in just a click using the same powerful text-to-speech technology powering Google Home and Amazon Alexa.  

Finally, you can render and save this as a downloadable video.   To publish these videos on YouTube, simply click the share button on your dashboard and your video will automatically be published on YouTube.  

It’s really that easy to create buyers-getting simple yet popular quotes style, funny GIF and trending videos using ViralReel, promoting your affiliates offers, your ecommerce and shopify stores, local businesses and even building up your following on social media.   But hang on…there’s more!   Creating these videos is one thing and publishing them on popular apps like FB, Instagram and SnapChat is another.  

That’s why ViralReel comes packed with our ViralReel mobile app to help you share your videos on Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Facebook Profiles, Whatsapp or pretty much anywhere you want.   Using ViralReel today, you can create brand new traffic sucking, buyers getting videos for YouTube, Instagram and SnapChat without spending any money on paid ads or worrying about any crazy SEO trick.  

Best part, EVERYONE loves to watch these kind of videos but only a handful of the smart marketers are actually creating and publishing them, raking in crazy amount of free traffic every day.  

Today is your chance to be one of those select few smart marketers   Now listen, we want to take this a step ahead and help you not only create videos for yourself but also for your clients.   That’s right. You also get our Commercial Usage license, giving you the rights to be able to create and publish these buyers-getting viral videos for your clients and build a whole new recurring revenue for yourself.  

ViralReel is the easiest video creation software out there…we made sure it’s not only very user friendly, but we also built it on the cloud. That means you can create these viral videos from anywhere in the world, from any device including your PC, MAC, iPads and even phones. There’s nothing to install.   Does it get any better than this?   Actually it does!   There’s no monthly fee or setup fee right now.  

No limited rights…no catches!   PLUS you get the commercial usage license included for no additional fee.   All of this…and more…for a limited low one-time price.   So be sure to take advantage of this while it’s available during this very limited launch time discounted offer and get your very own ViralReel account to start cranking out traffic getting sales generating viral videos within minutes.  

As always, you’re fully covered by our 14-days money back guarantee. We want you to take ViralReel out for a spin, see how quickly and easily you can start producing Quotes Style videos, GIF Complication Style Videos and Trending Video Complications… …and if ViralReel doesn’t help boost your traffic and sales within 14 days or sooner…we’ll refund every single penny!  

Once you’re ready, click HERE and get your very own ViralReel access with commercial usage license right away during our limited discount offer.

I’ll see you on the inside.

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