Intimacy Intruders – Free Ebook

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1:
Sexual Issues Basics
Chapter 2:
Female Physical Sexual Issues
Chapter 3:
Male Physical Sexual Issues
Chapter 4:
Emotional Issues That Impact Sex
Chapter 5:
When To Seek Professional Help
Chapter 6:
The Danger To Your Marriage When You Let
These Issues Go Untreated
Wrapping Up

Research has been able to show without a doubt that there is an
unprejudiced analysis of the phenomenon of sex that clearly affect an
individual in ways that are radically different from other basic
instincts such as thirst,, hunger, pain, stress and any other feeling a
normal human will endure.

Commonly viewed as being a mystery and unique in itself, the
individual is affected in ways that are often incomprehensible, when
the charm of the other sex, is seen through the bodily sexual desire or
sexual lust.

This is usually portrayed in the simplest form of the male’s attitude
towards it, as it is of incomparable greater moral significance than the
attitude to the other bodily appetites. Most males almost demand
immediate satisfaction in this area whenever and wherever it seems
to take control and dominate their thoughts.