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[…] Facebook Advertising And Your Business
An estimated 66 percent of active Facebook users take the time to log into Facebook each and
every day. That’s some 1.47 billion people coming to this site daily.

The amount of time people spend on Facebook means there is an advertising goldmine waiting
for you. Just think of all the new people you could expose your brand to with very little effort.
Facebook isn’t a site that people login to and leave right away.

As of June 2018 an estimated 57
trillion minutes are spent by users on the site each and every month.

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    This means a lot of time
    clicking through pages and gaining exposure to ads and plenty of other materials.

    Here are a few FB Stats.

    More than 2.23 billion active users
    66% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
    Average user has 130 friends
    People spend over 57 trillion minutes per month on Facebook

    This is Global reach!

    If it’s your intent to market to a global clientele, Facebook is the place to turn for assistance. This
    site has 70 different translations available for just about every country on the map. In fact, an
    estimated 70 percent of the site’s users are living outside of the United States. This means
    Facebook advertisers can target people living just about anywhere in the world or they can
    attempt to reach them all with a broad-based campaign.

    Facebook’s overall monthly usage statistics make it one of the biggest players on the Internet
    today. If you’re ready to give up on Adwords, Facebook has the exposure your advertising needs
    to capture attention, siphon traffic in your direction and help you realize your sales goals.
    While the numbers clearly speak for themselves, there are other factors that make this site
    attractive to online marketers. The social aspect of the site can work as a powerful force in savvy
    advertisers’ favour. Plus, the targeting potential bores down deeper than a search engine could
    possibly pull off.

    You’ve been working hard to introduce your business to as many potential target customers as
    possible – the ones who will find your products irresistible, and eagerly spend money.

    You’ve done it through SEO, social networking, press releases, article marketing and perhaps even a
    pay-per-click campaign like Google AdWords. In short, you’ve used all the traditional (and not
    so traditional) ways that help online business catch on like wildfire.

    But have you considered Facebook advertising yet?

    If not, you may not be aware of this
    comparatively new source of targeted customers – the sort who you may not be able to reach by
    traditional means.

    Exactly what is Facebook advertising, and why should you consider it?

    You’ve seen them yourself, most likely… those ads running down the right-hand side of your
    Facebook pages, most of them about interests you particularly enjoy.

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