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[…] Welcome to the wireless revolution! If you’re new to the 3G wireless age,
don’t worry. This is a great opportunity to learn about this technology and
how it applies to business today. But, we understand that you do know
business – and advertising. And, you certainly know how important
advertising is to your business.

Like any business owner, advertising is an expense to your bottom line. So,
it’s important to spend your advertising dollars to your greatest advantage.
And as technology changes, advertising strategies and tools must change,

This book is designed to help you begin advertising to mobile phone users
that are taking advantage of 3G technology. This technology gives them
access to the internet, fast downloads, and streaming audio and video in
addition to their voice and text messaging capabilities.


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Even if you have a website and advertise via the internet, you may not be
convinced that mobile advertising is right for your business. Following are
some statistics that might change your mind.

 Nielsen Mobile, which reports on trends in the wireless industry says
that statistic shows the development of global mobile internet traffic as
of the second quarter of 2018. As of that period, 51.89 percent of
global web traffic originated from mobile devices,. This means that
1.79 billion people are using their mobile phones to access the

 95 million mobile users in the US are paying for internet access on
their mobile phones, but they do not use it regularly, according to this
same report.

 Nielsen also reports that these mobile customers most often use their
mobile internet connection to visit websites – even more frequently
than they use it to access email.

 eMarketer reports that even older baby boomers (those aged 54-62)
access the internet at least once per month, meaning that internet
marketing truly appeals to all ages.

 eMarketer also reports that in the UK, restaurant advertising on mobile
phones grew 63.6% in the year up to 2019 and clothing ads on mobile
phones grew by 53%.

 This same report in eMarketer reports that the restaurant ads sent to
mobile phones reported a 15.5% response rate. These ads utilized
SMS messaging technology, rather than web browsing.

Hopefully, the statistics above have convinced you that advertising via cell
phones is the wave of the future. It’s doubtful that you can boast a 15%
response rate to any ad you’ve placed in the yellow pages, on a billboard or
via direct mail.

But, you may not yet understand how to take on this
advertising venue, or what methods and resources are actually out there.
It is the goal of this e-book to provide basic information about marketing to
the cell phone user, taking advantage of the new features and functions of
3G technology.


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Hopefully, we’re going to help you get creative about
marketing your business to technologically savvy users.

In the pages ahead, we’ll take a look at 3G itself, including what features 3G
offers wireless users. We’ll also look at how business users today are taking
advantage of these features that 3G offers to make them more productive at
work and at home.

This book will offer ideas and suggestions, as well as give you case studies
about how these advertising methods have already been proven in the

You’ll probably be surprised at how many companies are
already catering to the wireless user, offering ads on frequently visited
websites and sending coupons via text messaging.

We’ll also offer you insight into the hottest applications available today and
how they are being used or might be used to the advertiser’s advantage.

There’s a lot of food for thought in the coming pages. It’s all designed to
make you think about advertising your business in a very different way. It is
our hope that these ideas and suggestions make your business successful
and prepare it for the future of advertising in wireless technology.


Many of today’s business people may remember early cell phones. They were
heavy, bulky devices that worked only in your car – and then only
sporadically, since there were more holes in coverage than there was
coverage itself. Boy, have we come a long way. Today’s phones are
lightweight, pocket sized, and calling them mere phones seems like an
understatement of great proportions.

Today’s cell phones provide us regular wireless phone service, allow us quick
text messaging, display our emails, provide gaming and surf the internet.
Many also offer push to talk capability to reduce our costs in talking to those
whom we chat with frequently.

All in all, our cell phones have become a
business necessity – serving our needs far beyond verbal communication.
Most of us take our wireless devices with us everywhere.

And, what’s even more exciting about how the extent to which wireless
phone capabilities have increased is the fact that the cost of purchasing a cell
phone and of paying for service has not risen dramatically enough over the
years to deter business people or consumers.

Today, nearly everyone has a
cell phone – even children. Industry experts estimate that cell phone
penetration has reached nearly 100% in the United States.

Wireless companies have created packages aimed at businesses to ensure
that a company is willing to pay for phones for nearly every employee. And,
family plans have made equipping every member of the family, right down to
the elementary age child, affordable. In fact, today many families have
foregone the landline home phone entirely in favor of a cell phone for every
family member with a rate plan that allows them unlimited calling to every
member of the family. In addition, wireless carriers have made “unlimited
texting” plans so affordable that these are purchased by most business and
consumer users.


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Finally, the newest generation of phones, “smart phones” are a revolution in
themselves. These phones have richer displays and are designed with more
of a browser in mind. They also can support many different applications.

There are applications available today, and you can bet that many more are
in development. So, if you haven’t considered advertising your business via
wireless devices, now’s the time. In short, cell phones are the perfect new
advertising vehicle because:
 Nearly everyone carries a cell phone
 Many users subscribe to text messaging and internet
 There are a wide variety of additional applications that can be used
for advertisers

If you haven’t yet thought about advertising your business via your
customers’ wireless devices, this book can help you get started. In the next
chapters, we’ll explore the possibilities of advertising on mobile phones more
in depth.

We’ll examine the new face of the technologically savvy business
user as well as look at companies that have already begun to use wireless
advertising strategies to their advantage. You’re sure to come away with
many new ideas to help improve your connection with your customers.[…]

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