Social Media Explosion – Using Social Media & Getting To Know Facebook

Social Media Explosion
Using Social Media & Getting To Know Facebook

[…] Social Media A to Z
As promised, this section is going to introduce you to social bookmarking which is
going to be one of the ways that you truly start increasing traffic to your website.
You’ll find a ton of introductory information as well as some intermediate discussion
throughout this text. As I mentioned in the introduction, make sure that you read
this section so that you can gain the most benefit from this book.

Social bookmarking is based on the concept of sharing information on the web, and
has evolved rapidly with the growth of the internet communities and interactive
sites. As more people turn to websites to learn, research, and even read the latest
news, the ability to track and monitor this behavior is becoming even easier.

Collective intelligence is leading the wave of sharing information based on specific
keywords and subjects, and can help marketers and business owners in many
ways. Today’s social networking sites are incorporating many social bookmarking
elements into the platform.

This allows users to learn even more about each other,
and is engaging people online by building communities, opening up new networking
channels, and giving marketers and business owners a chance to track behavior.
The Wikipedia definition for social bookmarking states: “an activity performed over
a computer network that allows users to save and categorize a personal collection
of bookmarks and share them with others. Users may also take bookmarks saved
by others and add them to their own collection, as well as to subscribe to the lists
of others. – a personal knowledge management tool.”

Each social bookmarking site is designed differently, but ultimately allows users to
create a profile, update their preferences, and share this information with friends
and family. Since they are creating this growing network of information, a pattern
of tastes and preferences is established—and made publicly available.

This profile is the key element of interest to marketers; it’s created with basic
registration and in most cases, an e-mail address and login name allow complete
access to the social bookmaking platform. The visitor can begin publishing their
activity to share with fellow social bookmarkers, and this creates a network of

Discovering and sharing information with keywords in specific topic is what allows
social bookmarking networks to grow; as more information is provided, the
categories of interest also develop to provide key information. is a perfect example of social bookmarking that is growing rapidly. Users
can rate and comment on articles, video content, and podcasts on thousands of
topics; the more popular items are posted on the front page, while others
are rated and logged for the community to review.

While is primarily a news site, it is just one example of a valuable social
bookmarking network that has developed into a proliferating online community. Any
articles or information that is posted on has the potential of being viewed
by millions of visitors. Getting to the front page ensures thousands of
page views, all at a very low initial cost. Of course, the information that reaches
this level must be valuable to readers; since the votes are all usergenerated, it allows anyone submitting information to learn about their audience from the ground up.

People Love Building Their Own Bookmarking Pages
The fundamental reason why consumers build social bookmarking profiles is to
create an identity to share. After doing so, they are able to interact on social
networking sites on a regular basis, and marketers can use this behavior to their
advantage by:
 Monitoring their favorite brands
 Reading about new products
 Learning about competitor products
 Identifying with other users
 Seeing what friends and family find interesting
 Finding out what the latest trends are
 Identifying new products to purchase

In order to create a profile on many of today’s leading social bookmarking sites, a
user simply creates a screen name, login information, and possibly uploads a
picture. Depending on the theme of the site, the user will then go ahead and
‘upload’ the relevant information such as links or products to their profile pages.
After that, they can become a part of a community.

Community members and leaders rise to the top ‘ranks’ of the site based on a
variety of factors including:
 Level of activity
 User feedback
 Number of products reviewed or discussions created
 Popularity within the community
 Number of fans

In many ways, social bookmarking is considered to be a form of collective
intelligence. Collective intelligence based on a few trends in the marketplace,
news, or other information can provide very important data to a third party
observer. Filtering data has become even more important today as it provides
insights and information on direct experiences with many of the goods and services
available in the marketplace.

Planning Social Media Into Your Site

Social media offers the latest roundup of online technologies that is based on the
concept of community. Sharing opinions, posting comments, participating in
discussion boards, and simply exchanging media files are all facets of social media
on the web today, and social bookmarking and networking are just a couple of
these online activities.

Knowing how to develop your website so that it is conducive to social media
applications can help you interact with your customers in a variety of new ways,
and ultimately, lead to the traffic levels you desire. Increased traffic is a necessary
result of innovation, and attractive websites that encourage user interaction are
making the business of marketing much easier.

Social media sites encourage users to set up a profile and interact with other
community members. Communities and niche channels develop organically, with
limited effort from a company or site owner. By joining some of these networks as
a business entity, you can create a valuable presence with a variety of customers
and find out what they are most interested in.

Submitting valuable articles and content, and then sharing it in a niche community,
is an excellent way to create a positive presence in the world of social media, but
there are some specific steps involved when publishing on the web. SEO- friendly
content is not the only way to develop a presence, as there is an element of
interacting with community members involved as well.

But why is social media so important in your everyday business and marketing
efforts? What role does it play in reaching your target market?

These are both questions that many website owners and businesses ask, and
determining the effectiveness of social media will be a part of your internet
marketing strategy.

Social media is quickly becoming one of the web’s fastest growing online activities,
a place for customers in a variety of markets and niche communities to learn,
educate others, and interact with other buyers.

As a result, it is in your best
interest to track and gauge different patterns. Consider social media just one
channel to accurately gauge your customer’s interests, tastes, and preferences.

Each contributor is essentially volunteering testimonials on products, likes, dislikes,
and other information that was once only available from direct market surveys or
interviews. Social media platforms offer you some insight on what the customer
truly wants at any given time.[…]

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