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[…] There is nothing more beautiful and rewarding than to feel that you are contributing to the realization of great things. You feel
pleasure, esteem, and a feeling of personal and pride.

The leader does things without expecting anything in return. One of the most significant benefits of being a leader is the satisfaction
of contributing to the greater good.

That would mean working toward a cause you believe in and aligned with your values and beliefs.


The 5 Characteristics That Distinguish Leaders

What is defined as a leader is often confused with the charismatic individual or great orator? Any good leader will demonstrate excellent communication skills. But true leaders aren’t just great speakers.

Here are 5 characteristics that they have:
1. They project themselves and inspire others because they know where they want to go and engage everyone to get
there together;

2. They provide safety and create the conditions for collaborative work. They develop trust in others and build group spirit
and teamwork;

3. They seek to make the best possible decisions. To do so, they empower the people they work with;

4. They inspire confidence. When it comes time to go, they are followed without hesitation;

5. They put the interests of others before their interests.

Have you always wanted to be a leader?

Do you sometimes feel like leadership requires a lot of skills, knowledge, and experience?

It does not have to be that way. Here are three signs that you have what it takes to be a strong leader, no matter your background.
You Only Lead Other When You Need to We’ve all met people who are trying to run everything.

Whether it’s a strategic brainstorming session, the choice of football teams, or a family outing, they can’t help but seize the leadership position and control everything.

Often stubborn, impatient, and sometimes abrupt, these people see themselves as leaders from an early age. However, true
leaders must be able to be a follower at first.


There is also the aspect of delegating to move forward. We agree that one person cannot control everything. Real leaders tend to work the other way around: they analyze each situation and the role they should play.

They do not consider that they must have control over everything. […]

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