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Are you struggling to focus on anything in your life?

Do you feel stressed and anxious? Are you finding it hard to motivate yourself to get anything done? The problem could lie in your
cluttered mind.

Modern life is busier than ever before. Most of us feel rushed from morning to night. Dealing with family commitments, work obligations, a social life, and personal issues all take their toll.

The sheer number of chores, tasks, and responsibilities that we have to fit into each day can seem overwhelming. It is precisely this that causes mental clutter.

The good news is that, even if you’re finding life hard to control at the moment, by putting some simple organizational techniques into practice you can make an enormous difference to your mental and physical well-being. You can take back your life, improve your focus, reduce your distractions, and eliminate your stress points.

When you banish the mental clutter and organize your mind, you’ll find that you’ll get more done and you’ll feel a lot happier overall.

With greater organization comes greater control and clarity, so you can see more clearly the direction in which you’re heading and concentrate on the areas that are most important to you.


Chapter 1: The Clutter Effect

These days, we’ve all become more used to living with a lot of things in our lives. Yet, when those things get out of control it can
lead to us feeling overwhelmed, becoming less productive, struggling to focus, and lacking in motivation. This is the “Clutter

Yet, many people have no idea just how disorganized their lives have become. They have become so used to juggling the many
elements in it, from relationships and children to careers and friends, that they can’t see the wood from the trees. Eventually,
though, the confusion will become so great that they won’t be able to function effectively at all.

Therefore, knowing what clutter actually is, how to identify it and how to eliminate it lies at the heart of achieving overall happiness and success.

What is Clutter?

When you think about clutter, you probably imagine piles of magazines and paperwork strewn over your countertops and mounds of junk on the stairs waiting to be taken up. It’s true that this is clutter – but it’s only the physical kind.

Your mind can become cluttered too.

Intrusive thoughts, an ongoing list of “must-dos”, regrets of missed opportunities, unfinished work, and worries about things that might never happen are all examples of mental clutter that make us feel out of control. The less organized your mind becomes, the less you feel able to deal with the challenges that life throws your way.

There is an endless cycle formed between physical and mental clutter. The more disorganized your mind, the more disorganized your home, workspace, and life in general will become.

Meanwhile, if you’re living and working in a cluttered environment, it’s inevitable that your mind will become cluttered and disorganized too. The vicious circle leads to ongoing problems as you lack the ability to break the chain, get rid of the mess and take your life back. [..]

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