Types of Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is one of the coffee aficionados’ necessities. Yes, many of those who are dependent on caffeine are always looking for a coffee maker that will suit their specific needs. Fortunately, a number of options are available on the market for them to choose from. Each option possesses features and capabilities that are to some degree unique from the others.

Now if you are one of those who love coffee and are currently wondering what type of coffee maker to obtain, I have a list below of the different types of coffee makers. Just find your best option and make your decision based on what you’ve learned about them. Consider the following:

Percolator: As you may know, percolators are one of the most popular and widely marketed types of coffee maker. This tool is basically designed to create a good cup of coffee by filtering the boiling water through the coffee grounds repeatedly. The percolator is actually the old favorite and many of those who live in earlier eras have used this to brew mild coffees. The downside of using this coffee maker is that because of the repeated boiling, it tends to provide bitterness in the coffee. The longer it boils the water through the coffee ground, the higher the degree of bitterness released, then overpowering the distinct taste and flavor of your blends.

French Press: The French Press is also known as the Plunger Pots and is often used for brewing the hottest coffee. Well, this type of coffee maker is so versatile and that it is often used at professional coffee tastings for the reason that French Press provides the best taste and aroma possible. Unlike the other methods of brewing coffee, this coffee maker allows a full contact between the boiling water and the coffee. This full contact is what actually creates an extract of richer flavors. Aside from that, controlling the proper temperature of the water for brewing coffee is as easy as pie with the French Press. You are actually in full control in brining the water to its proper temperature for a full extraction and a good hot cup.

Automatic Drip: This type of coffee maker is designed specifically to lessen the hassles of brewing a good cup of coffee. All you need to do with this method is to pour cold water into a reservoir and the machine will automatically heat the water to the proper temperature. Also, it automatically pulses the water through the ground coffee. What’s best is that many of the automatic drips have controls that slow the pulsing of the water. With a touch of it, a rich brew can be made.

Manual Drip: Obviously, the manual drip is the counterpart of the automatic drip. Well, this coffee maker comes in a number of types, and two of the most popular are the Chemex and the Melitta. Several reviews have noted that both of these manual drips use a paper filter cone that is actually similar to that of the automatic drips. They brew coffee by heating the water separately from the ground coffee. The water is poured to the grounds little by little, allowing the coffee to release its flavors. Once the flavors are released, a balance amount of water is poured over the grounds to drip through. That’s basically how this type of coffee maker works.

There are lot more types of coffee makers available on the market nowadays. The best way to find the right product is to note what you really want and need. Look for the features and the design. Most of all, consider the proper brewing temperature, which is unfortunately achieved only by a few brands of coffee makers. So be careful when choosing the right option.

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