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[…] The first basic element of an effective Internet marketing (IM) sales page is the headline.

Just like a newspaper sells based on the front-page headlines, your IM sales page is going to get viewers on the basis of the main headline.

Thus, you have to be sure to make this as persuasive as possible while listing in one sentence the single biggest benefit your product or service has to offer to the potential customer.




Whatever your headline, you want it to be written in the biggest font found anywhere on the sales page. That means that it is meant to grab attention, and using the size of the font this way really sets it apart.

Don’t be too creative on the font type, as you want to make it very easy to read; however, be very careful to make it the biggest text on the page, as that does matter.




There are numerous psychological triggers that will produce an immediate reaction with your audience. You should study these triggers, understand the demographic you are marketing to, and then choose one that is more apt to appeal to your market segment.

For instance, say you are selling a product that could have many competitors in the market. So, you want to make sure that whomever lands on your sales page that they order from you, rather than taking the time to scope out the competitors and compare offers.


You find that your demographic consists of business people who are used to deadlines and want to get a good deal. So, you implement a time limited offer to trigger buying behavior now and make it uncomfortable for them to take the time to look elsewhere for fear of
losing out on a great deal.

In that case, you list your biggest benefit, but you also make it clear that the offer is only available for the next 12 hours or until the product is sold out.




Some marketers like to make use of a three-headliner strategy. In this example, you have a pre-headline to introduce the main headline. It is not as big as the main headline and doesn’t necessarily list the biggest benefit.

It just sets the customer up to read the second, and main, headline. The second headline is the one with the biggest benefit and trigger. It should be a statement or offer that immediately provokes an emotional response.

After that, there is a final headline that is much smaller and that gives any additional information to clarify the main headline.

This approach works well and provides more space to be thorough with your main headline.




Every good news story starts with a hook, and your sales page will also want to implement this technique. A hook can be one or two sentences that really grab the imagination and attention of the reader.

There is a real art to creating effective hooks, but mainly it is something that will cause the reader to pause slightly and that will trigger an emotional response.

If the hook is effective, it does just what its namesake says: It hooks the reader into reading the rest of your sales page.
Let’s be clear here. No one likes to spend a lot of time reading sales letters.


Generally, a large number of people out there find reading to be a chore. So, you have to make it interesting and exciting. You have to get the reader to want to read the rest of the story. Without the hook, the headline isn’t enough.

You have to take into account the way people skim a story or sales page to decide whether it’s worth reading thoroughly.

First, they read the headline. If that grabs them, they will read the first few sentences.

Then, they will most likely skip to the bullet points or the subheadings to decide whether to dive into the sales letter deeper. If your first few sentences are a bore, that’s about the time you will lose that Web surfer to some other Internet marketer.

You have to make those first few sentences count because that may be the only thing a visitor reads to decide whether to go on with your offer or not.

That’s why using psychological triggers to provoke a response is very, very important. […]

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